Affordable Coaching

Hello! I am so glad you are here.

I've been coaching small business owners and solopreneurs for over a decade. What I've learned is it is so important for new business owners to get coaching early.

But so many can't afford it. Without clients and steady income, they are left to figure it all out on their own.

One of the biggest mistakes I've seen small business owners make is focusing on the wrong thing, trying to sprint before they can walk.

So often new business owners over-emphasize the externals of their business over internal alignment and clarity.

Countless times I've met people who have spent a lot of money they didn't have on a website and online ads that don't work instead of business coaching.

I want you to succeed. And I want you to succeed quickly, within your means. This is why I've created an affordable way for new business owners to get the coaching they need.

How it works

Three month commitment, $65/monthly, up to three one hour coaching sessions a month

Three month commitment, $85/monthly, up to five one hour coaching sessions a month

Coaching Sessions

With over a decade of experience helping clients achieve both personal and professional goals, I'll help you get more clarity and movement in a short amount of time.

Oh, and with more clarity and focus, you may just find an increase of happy in your life!

All coaching sessions are 60 minutes and done via Zoom. Here are the most popular themes clients and I work on:

Mindfulness in Business - clarify your business goals, product or service and strategy for getting clients

Building a Sustainable Business - geared towards those struggling with sound sensitivity, anxiety, and overwhelm

Mindfulness in Conflict - Enhance your leadership skills by focusing on your ability to recycle reactions, real-time, when interacting with others, (with or without a Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), CDP administration is an extra fee)

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Teamwork, the one thing that makes a positive difference to organisations, provided it is effective. As a Teamologist, I help teams measure how effective their teamwork is, as I’m a team-building specialist and international award-winning conference speaker about achieving high-performance teamwork..
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Professional Training Courses for your Dynamic Team

Every quarter I deliver an 8 week mindfulness course specifically designed for project, product managers, and team leads.

Small Group Training

I deliver 30, 45 or 90 minute guided practice sessions for your group or team. Great for project managers, product development, tech teams, and growing startups.

Can be delivered weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on your need. Session length and technique focus can be customized to meet your specific outcomes, book a session to discuss your needs below.