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There are several ways we can work together from 30 minute mindfulness practice mentoring sessions to 75 minute emotional or physical healing sessions.

Coaching (60 min) These sessions are used to help you identify and overcome roadblocks. Great for working on your business plans, getting organized, overcoming distractions, creating a mindfulness practice, or insight integration.

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Mentoring Sessions (30 min) These sessions are great as a quick check in to help you hone in your mindfulness or meditation practice and/or integrate insights.

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Healing Sessions (75 min) Longer sessions designed to help you dive deeper into attention issues such as rumination, over-active thinking process, inability to focus caused by emotional and physical distractions.

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Terms and Conditions

​*Working with Janis during a private session is not a substitute for licensed medical, psychological, or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Janis Underwood can take no responsibility for any decisions you make.​

*Please provide at least 24 hours notice for changing or cancelling a private session, otherwise you will forfeit the full fee, (except for extenuating circumstances).

*Please check your camera and microphone are working before the session starts, as sessions cannot be extended or rescheduled due to technical issues. If you are having technical difficulties at the start of your session, please email Janis at the same email you received your booking confirmation.

*Unfortunately, your session cannot be extended if you are late. Janis will wait on Zoom for 15 minutes and if you do not attend during this time, then the session will be cancelled without a refund.