Turn toward what fills you up

Sunset at Clingmans Dome
Photo by Ivana Cajina / Unsplash

Are you always facing outward, trying to keep it all together?

It can be difficult to take moments for yourself in a busy, hectic life.

I can't believe I'm still writing about this topic. With so many emotional courses online, stress management education, and massage chains in most cities,  I really thought we'd be past this type of suffering.

But, sadly, I'm still witnessing the push and pull of life and the overwhelm of younger adults. And it breaks my heart.

But they learned from those of us who came before them. Those of us who worked and raised families, their families, with an enormous amount of unaddressed survival stress.

And even though I'm the most resourced I've ever been in my life, I see it's come too late to prevent it from happening to the ones I love.

Bottom line is I failed to model self care to my family fast enough.

And it seems it's more difficult for the younger generation as life is more isolating than ever. Who needs to go out when I can play video games, binge watch a series on Netflix or read about others' experiences online?

But we are humans and we need rest, we need connection, we need support and help and, most of all, we need to know how to fill ourselves up.

So here we are. I know it's still not enough, but I had to do something. I created this space to share some of what's worked for me. I hope you benefit from these short meditations. There are some for emotional and physical healing as well as mindfulness practices for positivity, attention power, and equanimity building.

Photo by Sai De Silva / Unsplash

I hope you're encouraged to turn toward yourself for a few minutes and fill yourself up with a little more capacity to face your busy day.

Your world needs your talents and your gifts.

Before you give in to overwhelm, try sourcing yourself from within. You might just find your activities shifting to something more manageable and your capacity to handle difficult situations.

Oh, and, maybe you do less, not more  - with greater impact.

Your resourced, loving, and kind presence alone impacts people in positive ways.