Business is an Expression of You

I believe business is simply an expression of your innermost creativity. Is it time for you to express yours?

Want to experience the benefits of getting up and running quicker as you build a sustainable, fulfilling business? Thanks to mindfulness, and my many years of trial and error, you can.

I can help you identify where you're stuck so you can bring your inner ideas to life.

In my work with clients I serve as an idea midwife, guiding them through the process of identifying business activity that naturally expresses from them.

Together we respectfully and kindly say goodbye to what no longer serves them as we welcome what's ready to be seen.

As with any birthing process, it's not always easy to stay present to what is unfolding but with powerful mindfulness technology, your creativity and skills, we've got you covered.

You'll be able to do more than just show up.

You'll be empowered to explore what is unfolding in front of you and delight as what you need becomes available to you, all ready for you to shape it into being.

Say bye to the endless cycles of confusion and inaction. Say hello to you, expressing as you, in business.

Photo by Jess Bailey / Unsplash

Ready to meet and greet your ideas?

About Janis

Janis is a certified UM Mindfulness Trainer and Lead Coach. She has a background in project management, sales, engineering, and coaching and is known for delighting clients as they bring big ideas to life while making practical, real change in real life quickly.

Before becoming a coach, Janis enjoyed her engineering career where she spent her days helping tech projects succeed. After taking a leap and changing careers, Janis was hired by numerous entrepreneurs and small business teams to coach them out of stuck points and conflict so they could take on bigger projects.

Her client roster includes professionals from software development consulting, occupational wellness, retail sales, financial planning, banking, real estate, mindfulness training, and professional coaching.

Janis currently helps seasoned mindfulness practitioners apply their practice skills to business endeavors and community projects.

She also offers beginner mindfulness based courses and coaching sessions to professionals in a variety of leadership roles including product managers, directors, and project managers.

As a UM mindfulness trainer, Janis delivers training and coaching programs to seasoned mindfulness practitioners as well as beginners.