Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Janis has a background in engineering and business which contributes to her unique style of coaching. She's known for helping clients identify roadblocks and gain clarity about personal and professional goals and making real change in real life in a most enjoyable way.

Her previous struggles with anxiety, emotional distractions, and chronic pain have given her deep experience and knowledge of how to prioritize self care while practicing. She also has an extensive background in helping clients apply mindfulness, kindly, to ADD/ADHD born from a long, confusing journey as a mom looking for alternative ways to help her struggling son finish school.

As a coach and trainer, Janis is passionate about helping clients, especially neurodiverse clients, harness the power of attention skills. With a knack for making abstract concepts relatable, she helps them create realistic action plans that help them quickly apply and benefit from practice insights.

She works in various ways to support people's efforts to lead less distracted lives. As a Unified Mindfulness coach and trainer, she offers individual coaching sessions, guided mindfulness sits, and practice strategy programs so people have the right level of support when they need it.

She's also a Polyvagal Theory informed practitioner, ideal for those who want to practice while staying within their nervous system's window of tolerance.

In her spare time she enjoys traveling through Europe by train, outdoor adventures, and meeting people from all over the world. Highly interested in communication and intercultural studies, Janis loves volunteering time to coach college students navigating tricky multicultural situations. She also works as a project management consultant, in addition to providing coaching and training for dynamic teams.

Janis currently lives in Spain with her husband and regularly visits her youngest son in Paris. She also has two sons, a grandson, two "grand-cats," and lots of extended family in her native home of Texas, USA.