Your Business, Your Way

Welcome to your online resource designed to help you get into business activity confidently and quickly.

Here you'll find short, relatable posts to help you get more clarity about how to go into business for yourself.

Don't understand business concepts? That's okay, we'll explore them together in a way that makes sense to you.

Everything from creating a business vision to identifying your niche is at your disposal - and all powered by mindfulness techniques that can powerfully direct your attention to what matters most to you, but most importantly, your clients.

We'll use mindfulness to help you design a business that not only nurtures you and your creative spirit but impacts those you serve in a feel good way.

Combining my two loves, mindfulness and business, is my passion. What's yours?

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Not sure? Let's find it together.

About Janis

Janis is a certified UM Mindfulness Trainer and Lead Coach. She has a background in project management, sales, engineering, and business and is known for helping clients make practical, real change in real life quickly, in a most enjoyable way.

During her engineering career, she spent her days helping tech project teams succeed. As a business coach, Janis has been hired by numerous entrepreneurs and small business teams.

Her client roster includes professionals from software development consulting, occupational wellness, retail sales, financial planning, banking, real estate, mindfulness training, and professional coaching.

As a mindfulness trainer, Janis delivers training and coaching programs to seasoned mindfulness practitioners as well as beginners.

As a business consultant, she offers mindfulness based courses and coaching sessions to team leaders in a variety of roles including product managers, directors, and project managers.