Mindfulness Practice and Attention Building Meditations

Group 1: Mindfulness Practice for Beginners

Hello! If you are absolutely new to mindfulness or meditation, these short practices are designed to help you get your feet wet. If you've already got some skill, jump to Group 2: Getting to Know Your Attention Series.

This group features short practice sessions of three of the Unified Mindfulness (UM) basic techniques. Each session includes a short introduction and a 1 minute practice period.

These sessions focus primarily on attention skill building, which is extremely useful to have built up as you encounter more difficult content later on.

Have fun!

Group 2: Getting to Know Your Attention Series

In this 3 part series, we'll be exploring the movement of your attention! Are you in touch with the natural rhythm or flow of your attention?

It's helpful to understand how your attention naturally moves and is easiest to tune into when you are sitting still so we'll start there.

The movement of your attention can be subtle and it usually goes unnoticed in daily life but with practice you can begin to understand how it moves and what you're naturally drawn to in any given moment.

When you know how your attention moves, you know how to direct your attention in ways that help you stay focused in any normal activity you do in daily life.

Group 3: Emotional and Physical Healing Guided Meditations

Emotional Healing. Having strong feelings today? Did you know that feelings often subsided with just a little dose of attention Here's a short practice to help you tune in, meet, and greet those pesky emotional distractions.

Working with Chronic Pain. Oh, pain. What can I say? It's one of the biggest distractions I faced throughout my corporate career.

This practice is designed to help you tune into the restful aspects of your experience that often get overshadowed by unpleasant physical sensations.

Group 4: Mindfulness for Collaboration, Conflict Resilience, and Teal

Building Conflict Resilience. Conflict happens and can create a lot of tension and mind rumination until it is resolved. While you may not be able to resolve that conflict today, you can tune into the dynamic nature of human relations for a few minutes.

Conflict Resolution and Collaboration. Time flies when we're in either a tough conversation or a tense team meeting. Understanding the difference between our inner and outer experiences increases understanding, allowing us to respond to others in kinder ways.  

Let's start building that discernment muscle using this short practice period based on the See Hear Feel technique.

The tools keep coming...

Group Five: Mindfulness series, "Attention Training for Effortless Empathy", specifically suited for Non-Violent Communication. This five-part series was delivered to a small group of participants at CNVC's International Intensive Training in beautiful Sirince, Turkiye in October 2023. Meanwhile, enjoy free mindfulness practices and meditations below.

Coming soon!