Mindfulness Makes Biz Coaching Easier

Mindfulness Makes Biz Coaching Easier
Photo by Paul Skorupskas / Unsplash

Last year I began working with some mindfulness practitioners who wanted to build coaching practices.

Since both clients had mature practices focused on attention skill building, (mindfulness), I found them easier to work with from the beginning.

Here's why. Their heightened levels of concentration, clarity, and equanimity helped them articulate specific details about their inner and outer experiences. This meant we didn't have to spend as much time identifying the problem state which allowed us to work on clarifying their goals quicker.

After identifying what they wanted in the short term I helped them identify the low hanging fruits already ripe for picking. Once identified both could bridge the gap between mindfulness practice themes and take grounded action.

Before we parted, with specific actions noted, we took a quick peak at the bigger vision. It's often good to know why we want to move forward and having a bigger vision helps us stay motivated when we are having a bad day.